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Tom was a career naval officer with a wide variety of jobs at sea and in the Pentagon. Following his naval service, Tom led several highly successful analysis teams in the private business sector. Tom holds two advanced degrees and taught at three schools of higher learning. In this blog he hopes to take a look at a variety of issues from “the middle” — the middle of the political road, the middle of life, and the middle of the Atlantic Coast.

This is the start of a new blog — mine. Some might say that the world is already saturated with blogs — perhaps. But given that there is really nothing new under the sun, a blog isn’t much more than an open letter to anyone that cares to read it. The real value of a blog — at least I hope this one — is a chance to articulate one’s views on a variety of issues and have them tested by others with an interest in the topic whether or not they share the same viewpoint.

So, why this blog? Primarily because I have things to say, observations to make, and points to bring home that I think are important in my life. Perhaps you, the reader, will agree or disagree but we may both grow a bit in our outlooks and thoughts and we may even come to change our views.

So, what is this blog about? Just about everything. I have a wide background and have been fortunate in my life to experience and see a large swath of things that make life interesting. I’m sure that like most bloggers, over time I’ll find that my posts focus on a particular topic, but to begin I hope to make observations (with luck, including a bit of humor) on sports, families, neighborhood foibles, cultural developments, politics and whatever else defines our lives today.

Here we go on another most excellent adventure. I hope that we both enjoy it.

For more information on Tom’s background, take a look at the link for Command Associates found at:   http://www.commandassociatesusa.com

3 Comments on “About This Blog”

  1. Gervy says:

    Very insightful.. Spot on.

  2. Mike West says:

    Tom- Bravo Zulu on your effort(s) to stand-up your blog. I look forward to reading (and maybe even perhaps commenting on) what I am sure will be interesting and insightful reporting on your part. Underway, shift colors !!!!

  3. Jeffrey Dauses says:

    very insightful and compelling…

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