Welcome to My Blog

This is the start of a new blog — mine. Some might say that the world is already saturated with blogs — perhaps. But given that there is really nothing new under the sun, a blog isn’t much more than an open letter to anyone that cares to read it. The real value of a blog — at least I hope this one — is a chance to articulate one’s views on a variety of issues and have them tested by others with an interest in the topic whether or not they share the same viewpoint.

So, why this blog? Primarily because I have things to say, observations to make, and points to bring home that I think are important in my life. Perhaps you, the reader, will agree or disagree but we may both grow a bit in our outlooks and thoughts and we may even come to change our views.

So, what is this blog about? Just about everything. I have a wide background and have been fortunate in my life to experience and see a large swath of things that make life interesting. I’m sure that like most bloggers, over time I’ll find that my posts focus on a particular topic, but to begin I hope to make observations (with luck, including a bit of humor) on sports, families, neighborhood foibles, cultural developments, politics and whatever else defines our lives today.

Here we go on another most excellent adventure. I hope that we both enjoy it.

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