The president is at it again and incited a crowd in Greenville, North Carolina to engage in racist chants during one of his campaign rallies last night.

Again attacking specific Congresswomen of color he got the crowd to chant “Send her back.”

Shameful. Horrifying. Dangerous. Un-American.

Most frightening, I invite you to look at rallies in Germany or Italy in the 1930’s and compare them to Mr. Trump’s rallies.  The similarities are ominous.

The president clearly relishes his racist attacks on other Americans.  I hope — perhaps in vain — that the good people of North Carolina woke up this morning embarrassed by their actions.  They should be.

Should the president work in any other job in the United States, he would be fired for his racist rants as explained by a department he oversees, The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

I fear the president of the United States will have blood on his hands when one or more of his white nationalist supporters takes the situation into their own hands based on his overt encouragement of outrageous and indecent behavior.

It is clear to me and to his white nationalist supporters, that when he says “Make America Great Again” it is with a wink and a nod.  He really means “Make America White Again.”

All of us are complicit if we condone such actions from anyone, much less from the president.

2 Comments on “Shameful”

  1. jacanter says:

    My reaction to this behavior of a PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, is one of desolation, anger, betrayal, and deep sadness. Mr Trump is the living symbol, and now greatest leader of xenophobic bondage to bigotry. I can indulge my anger, or reach to a vision wherein I look for and support those who are figuring out how to get to the root of these cancerous convictions. Only in that endeavor, I’m lifted.

  2. Genie Geer says:

    Well said! I’m a retiree in Dallas and considering relocating to Greenville, NC to be near my son. So I was hoping to find at least one Democrat blogger there.

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